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World Famous Tobaccos

Sophisticated. Distinguished. World Famous Tobaccos.

*Available through the Creative Clouds Distribution chain only.


This luscious tobacco flavour offers hints of caramel and vanilla and rich tobacco undertones. This premium blend is perfect as an after dinner vape or any time you want to spoil yourself.


This specialty blend is for those who love the sweeter cigar type vape. With just the right amount of sweetness, Mob will make your taste buds go into a frenzy.


A complex and full-bodied tobacco with cured and spicy top-notes, this aromatic tobacco will enchant you with its mature taste.


Ultra-smooth tobaccos blend with semi-sweet and nutty undertones.


A delicate balance and a superior blend of succulent peaches with honey back notes, topped with liqueur, all combine brilliantly in this soothing and aromatic vape.


A rich and complex blend of tobaccos with a touch of sweetness and a fanciful fruit finish.

5M/World Famous Tobaccos are available for Wholesale/Distribution only, through Creative Clouds Distribution.