Project BoomJoose

Signature Blends

The crown jewel of the line, The Morning After… Mocha Latte Blend, receiving critical acclaim throughout North America as an industry leader in a coffee profiles, really sets the entire line apart from other premium blend offerings. The follow up profiles Sunset Rendezvous – Strawberry Cheesecake and Moonlit Masquerade – CocoNana Custard hit the ground running, bringing Project BoomJoose to the forefront of Canadian E-Liquid manufacturers.

The Morning After

The Morning After.. boasts a deep, rich and European Mocha Latte flavor profile. Smooth with underlying creaminess and notes of chocolate, due to its specially blended mocha content and steeping process.

Sunset Rendezvous

An exquisite balance in the sweetness and tart of a freshly picked strawberry, blended with the thick… rich and creamy texture of cheesecake. Sitting atop a thin graham cracker crust, and sprinkled lightly with milk chocolate shavings.

Moonlit Masquerade

A thick, deep and sensuous Coconut Custard pudding. Sultry and seductive. Top that with the smooth and sticky texture of warm, caramelized banana slices. A light dusting of freshly ground cinnamon lays atop, playfully teasing your taste buds, transporting you to a tropical bliss.