Saccharum Gold

Saccharum Gold by ProjectBoomJoose, a mature line of e-liquids featuring all rum based profiles. Each profile showcasing the nuances and complexity of the various forms of the distilled spirit. With rum spirits being derived from sugarcane by-products such as molasses, and the word “Saccharum” the Latin word for sugar, natural sweetness is translated wonderfully in each profile selection of the Saccharum Gold line. 

Walk the Boardwalk

Butter Nut Rum Iced Cream
Smooth, Creamy and Pure Temptation! A thick vanilla iced cream, topped with walnuts and a warm caramel/butter rum reduction! We DARE you to resist!!




Cabin Fever

Double Chocolate Rum Cake
A deep, rich and complex blend. Decadent double chocolate cake with a hint of wild cherry and dark rum! DELICIOUS!




Toes in the Sand

Orange/Papaya Daiquiri
A succulent and juicy papaya, infused with a bright citrus pop and delicate Jamaican rum undertones. A cool and refreshing blend, perfect for hot summer days!