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Who got Da FUNK? WE got Da FUNK!

Established in 2013, Funk-e-Joose became one of the first brand’s in Winnipeg to release a MAX VG line filled with soul!! “Dripper’s Dee-lite” quickly climbed the charts in western Canada, offering several Funky-Fusions that anyone’s taste buds could get down to! With timeless hits like “Moonwalker”, “Thrust”, and “Sly Banana Pie”, Funk-e-Joose continues to deliver fresh new flavors guaranteed to lift you up and take you higher! Try their new single “Urban Bourbon” today!

*Available through the Creative Clouds Distribution chain only.


Urban Bourbon

A sweet, Creamy and Smokey Brown Sugar Bourbon!


Blueberry Custard with a tart hint of blackberry! 

Moon Walker

A Graham Cracker covered in Butterscotch and Caramel, topped off with a Sugar Cookie! 

Smooth Criminal

A strawberry milkshake that’s worth doing time for! 

Water Mello Man

Watermelon injected with liquor and black cherries! 


Thick and creamy Banana Cream Pie! 

Funk-e-Joose is available for Wholesale/Distribution only, through Creative Clouds Distribution.