5M E-Liquids

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Our dedication to complex, full bodied and rich e-liquids is the hallmark of our brand. Each flavor is a labor of love and is the result of months of research, taste testing, sampling, feedback and subtle, incremental improvements.

Over the years, 5M developed its own “stones” or flavors, for the mixing of its recipes. Each 5M stone is comprised of several flavorings or concentrates to enhance, layer and add give body to the stone. The result is a flavor that is richer, more complex. It also adds subtle undertones to our flavors and allows us to mix recipes with 20 or more flavoring or concentrates, which is why many of our recipes become our customer’s All Day Vape.

*Available through the Creative Clouds Distribution chain only.



Canadian Made


5M Classic

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5M/World Famous Tobaccos are available for Wholesale/Distribution only, through Creative Clouds Distribution.